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Interview With Lucy+Jorge Orta艺术:社会的催化剂

“Each individual keeps an eye on, and protects, the other. One individual’s life depends on the life of the other.In Lucy’s work, the warmth of one gives warmth to the other. The physical link weaves a social link.” French urban philosopher Paul Virilo wrote about the Lucy+Jorge Orta’s work “Nexus Architecture”. And this autumn,we will have the opportunity to see their work at 2012 Shanghai Biennale.
This is a fancy combination, Lucy was a fashion designer, and George is an Argentine artist. When Lucy first met Jorge in 1991, was during the Argentine dictatorship.


“每个人都关心、保护着另一个人。每个人的个体生命都依赖于另一个人的生命。在露西的作品中,一个人的温暖得以传递给他人。身体上的相互连接织就了一张社会的网。”法国城市哲学家保罗维希罗这样评价奥塔夫妇的作品《关联结构》。2012年上海双年展,我们将有机会一睹奥塔夫妇的作品。 (more…)


同一种风格的音乐在美国可能有一百支类似的乐队,在中国可能就只有一支,所以每个在中国做独立音乐的都是值得尊敬的独行侠。作为中国鲜有的Techno音乐人之一,MHP被称为“上海Techno之子”。前年,他作为中国第一人,在美国底特律传奇性厂牌Cratesavers International发行了个人的黑胶唱片《四方来朝》,保持西方电子乐架构的同时加入了传统的中国元素。

While there may be hundreds of bands with the same style in America, there is only one band doing that kind of music in China, so that’s what makes all the muscians in China independent mavericks.

One of the few techno musicians in China, MHP is known as the “Techno Son of Shanghai”. As the first Chinese musician to release an EP, in 2012,his album ‘The Chinese Connection’, on Detroit label Cratesavers International, MHP’s music style tries to express traditional Chinese elements using a Western electronic music style.

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MHP, real name Ma Haiping, was born in Shanghai. His background in painting, he says, is where his music career began. In the 1990s, studying art didn’t quite satiate his creative hunger, but groundbreaking electronic music totally opened his eyes to the possibilities of art at that time.

Since 2008, when MHP joined Shanghai underground techno group V/O/I/D, he has become the most active electronic musician in Shanghai, making techno, house and electronica as part of the experimental bands AITAR and Junkyard.

MHP has long been a fan of Detroits music: futuristic, simple and inspiring. Last year, he released his EP “The Chinese Connection” on the well-known Detroit techno label Cratesavers International. Before his EP was released, the roster of the label contained a number of well-established techno musicians, but for such a label to promote an unknown Chinese musician’s work was unprecedented.

MHP named his album The Chinese Connection to convey the richness of Asia and let everyone know about Chinese electronic music. The music focuses on strong melodies and creating atmosphere, with the song named “Tonal of the Rainy Season” evoking feelings of the city landscape during the rainy season in Shanghai.

The cover art for The Chinese Connection was done by artist Yang Yongliang in the artist’s usual style of landscape painting, and using modern technology for post-production. MHP believes that he and Yang Yongliang are both doing similar things: creating contemporary art based on, and infused with, traditional Chinese style.

Although techno has been around for a long time, Chinese audiences don’t know much about it. However, MHP says he is not looking forward to techno becoming mainstream in China, feeling it belongs to the underground scene. “The involvement of businesses and brands can only ruin things. Fortunately techno itself sounds good, and as long as there are people interested in techno, it will certainly continue to develop in China”. (more…)






Vivian WU was born in Shanghai into an acting family – her mother was the famous Shanghainese actress Zhu Manfang. She has been crowned the “sexiest Chinese actress”, while also being recognized by Donna Karan New York “Women Who Inspire” award. People magazine in the US devoted a feature to her ostentatious Shanghai wedding to director/producer Oscar Costo, calling her the most fashionable bride of the year, as well as one of world’s 50 most beautiful people.银幕上的邬君梅(Vivian Wu)性感、神秘,生活中的她,骨子里却透着豪爽和大气。从《末代皇帝》中的文绣到《宋家王朝》里的宋美龄,邬君梅在用灵魂体会每一个角色。 (more…)

Jazz in China爵士乐在中国

从当年风靡上海滩,到后来一度被视为靡靡之音而销声匿迹, 一百年来,爵士乐在中国的身世,可谓跌宕起伏、几经风雨。随着十几年前爵士酒吧在上海的兴起,爵士乐又以一种全新的姿态与方式回到了这座城市。每当夜色降临、华灯初上,酒吧里深沉得爵士贝司声穿透墙壁漫撒在一条条街道,一个属于上海的、独有的爵士故事正在上演⋯⋯


Ibrahim Maalouf War Flame & Rebirth易卜拉欣·马卢夫:战火与重生

 他是9岁就开始欧洲巡演、15岁时以一首难度极大的“勃兰登堡”第二协奏曲惊艳世界的“神童”。2007年他的首张个人专辑《Diasporas》出炉后,法国《爵士杂志》更是以一句“绝世宝藏,稀有典雅”给予他了最高评价。 今年十月,这位黎巴嫩裔法国小号演奏家易卜拉欣·马卢夫将来到爵士上海音乐节,让我们有机会亲自见证战火中历练出的爵士传奇。



DUCHAMP and/or/in CHINA :An Interview with the Curator Francis Naumann

UCCA exhibition to highlight Marcel Duchamp’s work and its influence on contemporary art in China.

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is proud to present DUCHAMP and/or/in CHINA, an exhibition featuring works by Marcel Duchamp and Chinese artists influenced by his work. Opening April 27, 2013 and running through June 16, the exhibition centers on Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise, a “portable museum” consisting of miniature reproductions of his key works, shown for the first time in Beijing. Literally translated “box in a suitcase” this work serves as a centerpiece for the exhibition, with additional context provided by related Duchamp works and works by Chinese artists. Taking its title from the subtitle of the boîte-en-valise itself (“by or of Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Selavy”), this exhibition is both the most comprehensive exhibition of Duchamp’s work yet mounted in China, and an investigation into Duchamp’s lingering influence on the development of contemporary art in China.